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Hello folks! I'm a small-time YouTuber that decided to do a video over your game! I definitely had a few quality jumps from it, and I hope you folks enjoy the video <3


LOL.  *Loved* this.  Thanks so much for the broadcast with the commentary, it was totally enjoyable from start to finish.  We'll clean up that odd behavior with the hallway running ghost via a version 1.4.   Keep it up and best of luck in moving from small-time to big-time.    Liked/subscribed. 

I really appreciate it <3, thank you for checking out the vid and making the game in general!


Hey there! I played this through and loved it :D Would you mind if I did a Play Through (No Commentary) on my Youtube channel?

Hey TIHP!  I'm sure we'd all be thrilled for you to do so.   Thanks so much for playing and feel free to shoot us the link.  Happy to watch and throw some likes your way.   

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!


Here's my play through! Finally got it done.

Woo!  You've got great graphics quality, this looks really nice.  Thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to make this video for this game (we know you could have taken the time to record some other game, but very glad you chose ours).  Liked and subscribed.

Thank you very much! It's such a great start to something that could be pretty great with some more time. I know you all said if you got enough feedback you would probably continue working on it. Did you have a certain place you wanted information regarding things like bugs, or suggestions, and things like that send to?

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Absolutely.   If this can be more polished and people continue to play it, we're more than happy to bug fix and update.  The version currently available is the third iteration (1.03) per player feedback and reflects our desire to improve the gameplay experience.   Please send any bugs, suggestions, comments, flames, etc. to: and

The demand would need to be large enough to merit additional "content" though. . .

For the most part we are considering SOPHIE  finished--well, finished given the time period we had to build it in--but, I know I've personally always wanted to see more stages to this game, tighten up the way the ghost interacts with the user, etc.  

We're also investing a good bit of time into another project, working title 'Virtue', which is enough to keep our small team's hands full.   


Probably shouldn't have played this at work. It scared the shit out of me when the ghost/witch thing killed me with the loud noise, and I yelled!  Awesome. 5/5.   :) 

Haha!  So... NSFW in the unusual sense?  Thanks so much for playing and the kind remarks.   Really appreciate it!   Fingers crossed on the employment-- just tell your boss it was GoblinWare's fault.  

Well I finished the work week out safely, and will play your games in the safety and darkness of my own home from now on! Thanks for the out.


Bro this game is insane, I'm impressed and rated 5/5 :)))

I saw a witch though :(

Wow!   So very grateful that you played, but floored you made a video.   This is amazing.   Thank you for the feedback and happy you enjoyed playing.  Subscribes/likes sent your way via YouTube. 

Thanks a lot for supporting my channel bro. :)

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