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Really loved playing Sophie, really cool concept. Not played many horror games based in a school. Thank you for making the game 

Really loved watching you play SOPHIE!  Thanks so much for including our game on your YouTube channel.  Your broadcast was a delight.   Liked/subbed.

Thats's good to hear. No worries, I really enjoyed playing your game. Looking forward to what you do next 

Cool game ! I only wish if it was a little bit longer !

btw: here's me playing the game :D

Us too.  Sadly, when you crank it out over the course of a week, you do what you can!  Thanks so much for playing, recording, and enjoying our game!  Liked/subbed.


Thanks very much !I'll be waiting to see what will you do in the future ! 

Good luck :)


This was better than some AAA horror titles. Looking forward to whatever you do next, whether it's adding to this or something entirely new.

That's mighty high praise, psychroclasm, thanks so much for the kind words and stopping by to share your video with us!  We'd found it via Twitter (so you already had a like and subscription from us), but wanted to extend our gratitude directly here as well.  Great video.


Lovely little Horror escape room. I was physically terrorfied in the middle of playing this. Took a bit to figure out what was going on. Once I did it was a sweet personal achievement to escape. Honestly can not wait to see more from you guys!! Now I'm going to hug my cat.


So glad for your video!!!   Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to record SOPHIE, we *really* appreciate it!   You definitely had some dedication to solve the room the way you did (writing things down), but it's refreshing to see that you were able to finish it the way that we kind of inherently just remember as the devs.   Feel like we'd be remiss not to advise that there may have been a bit easier way out, but really glad you stuck it out--it was probably the first time we've seen someone do this like you did.  Liked/subbed.

Neat game. It was a little confusing trying to figure out the order.

You're definitely not alone in your puzzle frustration. Thank you for playing and for making this video! Looking forward to seeing what you do next.  Liked/subbed

Not too bad! Got spooked a little bit. Might just be me but couldn't tell what order I had to do things. 

Not everyone gets the puzzle so it's not just you.  Thanks for playing!  Liked the video.


We're back to recording everyone! Today it's time for some classroom shenanigans with a small indie game called Sophie. We all know how I feel about laughing horror game children!

Ha! Thank you for a very fun, enjoyable playthrough! Sophie is sorry she wasn't more helpful, but the game devs won't let her be.  :)  Looking forward to your next video.  Liked/subbed.

Thank you very much! She scared the crap out of me which means she did her job! Lol 


This is why I hated school. So unbelievably creepy!

Great video, and good explanation for your style playing games like this.  It was very fun to watch! Liked/subbed.

A million thanks for developing it! And thank you so much for watching and liking the video as well as subscribing. I really look forward playing more of your games :)


I actually had a really good time with this game! It sets up a very decent atmosphere, and got me a fair few times! 

The mechanic to the game itself is actually a lot of fun to figure out, and while it took me a little while, there was a great sense of achievement when I actually figured it out! 

For a free game, it sets up a great atmosphere and will last you around 40 minutes, so great job!


Great little horror game, it had a very creepy and stressful vibe, Great Job!
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Video is great!   Thank you so very much for playing our game!!   An easy like and subscription from us!!!

Drunk gameplay, and drunk thoughts on this game: 

Thank you for playing, and for the fun video! It was really enjoyable watching you explore. You really checked everything out and it was fun to watch you figure things out.  Appreciate your feedback and thoughts! And agreed, hair that hasn't been brushed is definitely scary,! Liked/subbed. 

Thank you so much, and thanks to your team for making such a good game!


Hey! I really loved this game but I found a bug I think where I went to the right drawing but it was as if I went to the other drawing that was beside it. :(

It was still a wonderful and spoopy game to play for sure! I know exactly what to do and how to beat it but the bug/glitch got me in the end :c

Still though, it was a great game to play! Nice work on the horror atmosphere too and how it gets more and more darker too.

Thank you for making and sharing your video of SOPHIE. Really glad you enjoyed the game and the atmosphere even with the deaths. We'll definitely be taking a look at what happened on your last time through., and look forward to seeing your next video. Liked/subbed.


Aw thank you! Glad you liked the video though :D


really liked the game very fun and changeling also like the idea would love to see more games like this!!


Thanks so, so much for playing and recording SOPHIE to your channel!  This was very to the point.  Haha.   Liked/subbed.

your welcome and thanks!!


Very cool short indie horror solid atmosphere and just a fun puzzle based spooky game can see why it's popular

So glad you played!  Thanks for the kind words and taking your time to YouTube us.  Liked/subbed! 


Loved the game. Atmosphere was great and you got my most girly scream. My manhood is ruined!

Really, really loved the video!  Regrettably, you missed a handful of jumpscares (you had some *amazing* luck randomly getting those symbols correct--you ordinarily die if anything goes wrong after you're on the clock), else we hope we may have had one or two more screams.   Be that as it may, you definitely have a like and sub from us and we look forward to using it to see what you do in the future.   Keep making great videos and thanks so much for playing!


ooh, I'll have to give it a replay on my own so I can see those! My alchemy skill amaze even me ;). But I'm really glad you enjoyed it and honored that you subbed. I can't wait to see what else you all make!


This was fun figuring out! Thanks for the game and fun (:

What a great video!  We've watched so many of these and that was still entertaining.  Thanks so much for playing and recording our game.  We hope you keep making videos!  Liked/subbed.


Okay, I said I would beat it and I did, here's the video!

Well done!) With evidence and everything.  


Always gotta have evidence!


Yes yes yes!  Great work!

Thanks so much for broadcasting, you totally have talent doing so (and a like/sub from us)!   Yes, 100% you had it figured out, and we were rooting for you.  For clarity, backwards walking down that hall is dangerous (there could have been something there rising up right on top of you).  We really appreciate you taking the time to record SOPHIE, thanks again for the kind words. 


I had a feeling the problem was walking backwards!!!! I'm definitely trying again until I beat it.  I really liked this concept.  A+ work and thank you so much for the sub! =)


Really creepy game between the voices and the atmosphere! Never been so scared of school! 


SOPHIE really enjoyed your heart to heart chat over there in the safety corner, and regrets having to end you anyway.  She wants to make sure we get credit for designing the chairs though. They're much more comfortable than Unity chairs.

Your video was really fun to watch. Thank you for playing our creepy game. Looking forward to seeing more! Liked/subbed.


Great work with the models then! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff too! 


my god this was very creepy!! would not want to go to a school like this XD awesome job on making this game :D 

This video was seriously fun to watch! Thank you for the highly entertaining play-through. Very glad you enjoyed the creepiness. Liked/subbed.


Muy bueno y original.



Thank you for playing and for posting your playthrough video. It was very fun to watch. Liked the video.


THIS CLASS SUCKS! | SOPHIE Full Gameplay Walkthrough

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Really enjoyed this playthrough, you're a talented streamer!  Thanks for the constructive feedback and taking your time to play SOPHIE!   Also, yep, you were onto something when you first noticed "Grace".  Liked/subbed.  

Thank you for your support :)

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pls, that game can be played on a x32?


hey I played this look! 

Haha.  Thanks for playing.  Liked the video.


Very cool creepy game. Good atmosphere all around. Great visuals and sound.

I was a little confused at the end because I wasn't sure if I "lost" or if that's just how it ends. Still not sure actually :)


Thank you for playing, and for making this video. I enjoyed watching it (and yelling at the screen when you were close to the answer). Thank you for the feedback at the end as well. That's really helpful! Looking forward to your next video. Liked/subbed


Creepy game! Had a blast playing it! Keep up the awesome work! Any plans for future games? 

Thanks for playing, and for the fun playthrough video! We definitely have more game-fun in the works and will keep people posted. In the meanwhile, looking forward to your next video.  Liked/subbed.


Good Game !

Thank you for the kind words and for playing Sophie on your channel. Liked/Subbed


I couldn't finish the game because I am really not good with jumpscares lol, but I LOVED the concept!

Great game overall :D

Thank you for the playthrough, and for making Sophie the last horror game you'll ever play in your life! Your video is really engaging and fun to watch. Liked/subbed.

Loooool thanks for watching it and subbing!


Gave it a go...(SKIP TO 2:37!!!)


Thanks for the run and video, we appreciate it!  Liked/subbed.


Love how the game works, it actually made me have to think.. and it definitely keeps you on edge :D 


Thank you for recording, putting SOPHIE on your channel, and for the kind words.  Liked/subbed.


10/10 would recommend. 

Extremely creepy audio and ambient sound, plus a few good jump scares.

I originally approached this game as though I were invincible because I assumed the Dev's wouldn't murder a child. I was wrong. I died.

This video was legitimately so very entertaining.  You're a talented broadcaster, and our humble team is very grateful you selected our game to stream.   Thanks for the kind words about SOPHIE, and please keep making videos--we'll put the sub to your channel to good use.  

Thank you!

Quick question, are you planning on making any more games besides 'Sophie?' If so, is there any way I can sign up to be notified for your other releases? 

I really liked doing my let's play for Sophie, and would like to do Let's plays for any other games your company releases.

Hey Lightifer!  Thanks so much for asking and expressing your interest.  So, we've been in development of another project, working title 'Virtue'for roughly a bit over a year now.  However, due to a number of things (e.g., all of our devs have other jobs too) and how ambitious the project is, we are unable to provide a tentative release date on that one.  

That said, the best way to keep up with us is likely to "follow" GoblinWare on Itch.Io, and/or follow @GoblinWare on Twitter.  More, if you want to send your direct contact details to and, we will be sure to shoot you an e-mail or let you know directly (with as much heads up as we can) about anything new we're putting out.  

Due to the popularity of SOPHIE, we've been flirting with the idea of extending it, adding new levels, more narrative, etc.  We're certainly about to release a version 1.04 which polishes a number of previous things that all the feedback has brought up (but which is not content-related so would not be considered a 'major update'). 

Hope any of that helps!


Alright, thanks! I'll be sure to do all of that!


I was confused at first, but then I understand what I had to do. Game had few good jumpscares and I even died once.  Even that this was short game, I enjoyed it a lot. Also voices were great, sound really terrifying :D

Haha.   We saw this one earlier and gave it a like, but thanks for the support on our page; just gave your YouTube channel a sub.  Side note on confusion: we keep waiting for someone to clearly articulate what's going on, even want to scream out the clear clue in the room is _____... but what fun would that be?    Thanks so much for playing our game.


This game was so good! Just hearing the ambient sound and the child's voice really freaked me out. You guys managed to make a really terrifying experience with a mysterious story. Great job!

Thank you so much!  Your video was totally helpful to see how players are interacting with the main (long) puzzle portion.  We also really enjoyed a lot of your commentary, there was definitely some out loud laughter shared between us.   Liked/subscribed, and so glad you took the time to choose this game to feature on your page.



Wow!   Thanks so much for taking interest in our game, and the kind word about it.   We also love the fact that this is ~ 15 minutes long, because it gives us an honest chance to see how players are interacting with it.  Very grateful for your video.  Liked/subscribed.

thanks to you made an interesting game creepy .. but in reality the game was played for almost 2 hours chosen to put the first 15 minutes so without spoiler ,,, people play curious

Thank you for that, and for appreciating the desire to keep certain puzzles without spoilers.   Also, for the honest quote on how long it took you to figure out the things yourself.   Love it all and helps our data on feedback.   


j'ai beaucoup aimé le jeu sur tout le coté puzzle merci beaucoup c'est un petit chef-d’œuvre.. ((I loved the game on the whole side puzzle thank you very much it's a little masterpiece))

Thank you so very much for not only playing, but recording this!   And in French no less!  We are *very* excited about the prospect of getting bi-lingual users (and I think the fact that you were translating at the beginning some of the instructions).  You humble us with your kind words.   Liked/subscribed. 

thank you very much i love playing of game independant and thank you for your reply and  of subscribe it's good for my channel

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Hello folks! I'm a small-time YouTuber that decided to do a video over your game! I definitely had a few quality jumps from it, and I hope you folks enjoy the video <3


LOL.  *Loved* this.  Thanks so much for the broadcast with the commentary, it was totally enjoyable from start to finish.  We'll clean up that odd behavior with the hallway running ghost via a version 1.4.   Keep it up and best of luck in moving from small-time to big-time.    Liked/subscribed. 

I really appreciate it <3, thank you for checking out the vid and making the game in general!


Hey there! I played this through and loved it :D Would you mind if I did a Play Through (No Commentary) on my Youtube channel?

Hey TIHP!  I'm sure we'd all be thrilled for you to do so.   Thanks so much for playing and feel free to shoot us the link.  Happy to watch and throw some likes your way.   

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!


Here's my play through! Finally got it done.

Woo!  You've got great graphics quality, this looks really nice.  Thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to make this video for this game (we know you could have taken the time to record some other game, but very glad you chose ours).  Liked and subscribed.

Thank you very much! It's such a great start to something that could be pretty great with some more time. I know you all said if you got enough feedback you would probably continue working on it. Did you have a certain place you wanted information regarding things like bugs, or suggestions, and things like that send to?

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Absolutely.   If this can be more polished and people continue to play it, we're more than happy to bug fix and update.  The version currently available is the third iteration (1.03) per player feedback and reflects our desire to improve the gameplay experience.   Please send any bugs, suggestions, comments, flames, etc. to: and

The demand would need to be large enough to merit additional "content" though. . .

For the most part we are considering SOPHIE  finished--well, finished given the time period we had to build it in--but, I know I've personally always wanted to see more stages to this game, tighten up the way the ghost interacts with the user, etc.  

We're also investing a good bit of time into another project, working title 'Virtue', which is enough to keep our small team's hands full.   


Probably shouldn't have played this at work. It scared the shit out of me when the ghost/witch thing killed me with the loud noise, and I yelled!  Awesome. 5/5.   :) 

Haha!  So... NSFW in the unusual sense?  Thanks so much for playing and the kind remarks.   Really appreciate it!   Fingers crossed on the employment-- just tell your boss it was GoblinWare's fault.  

Well I finished the work week out safely, and will play your games in the safety and darkness of my own home from now on! Thanks for the out.


Bro this game is insane, I'm impressed and rated 5/5 :)))

I saw a witch though :(

Wow!   So very grateful that you played, but floored you made a video.   This is amazing.   Thank you for the feedback and happy you enjoyed playing.  Subscribes/likes sent your way via YouTube. 

Thanks a lot for supporting my channel bro. :)

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